Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday, April 02, 2015, 14 Hekatombaion, no particular dedication, Maudy Thursday, United States coinage and a mint authorised 1792, birthday of Charlemagne 742 AD, of Casanova 1725, of Hans Christian Anderson 1805, 14th night of the Waxing Moon, in Virgo, going Void of Course from 5:01 A.M. through the rest of the day, overseen by the 2nd Decan, Senacher, ruled by the Sun, starting in the 13th Mansion of the Moon, Al Awwa /Alahue, good for aid, comfort, assistance, around 14th Mansion, Al Simak/ Azimech, good for promoting love, health; bad for land travel, good for other modes, around 1:00 A.M. Planetary Hours of the Day begin with Jupiter at 6:38 A.M., and last 63.50 minutes. Planetary Hours of the Night commence with the Moon at 7:20 P.M., lasting 56.50 minutes, Sun in Aries Mercury in Aries, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Taurus, Jupiter retrograde in Leo, Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. Today should provide a more positive focus than the last few. We start with the Moon being trine Venus just before it goes Void of Course, which should allowed for a more settled set of emotions to rule the day. This is combined with Mercury trine Saturn retrograde, which should allow for clear directions being given in one’s business life, while in the afternoon the Sun is trine Jupiter retrograde, which should bring a certain level of contentment and satisfaction. These improvements will likely be incremental, rather than dramatic, but on the whole ttoday belongs in the plus column. One’s magicks can be utilized to fan the embers of hope.

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